A team of dedicated professionals

Who we are

We are property experts and are passionate about refurbishment, building alteration and redecoration.

What we do

We enhance commercial, industrial, hotel, retail and residential environments.

How we do it

We approach each project with a ‘can do’ attitude and strong client communication, instilling confidence and understanding, through the journey and complete each job to the highest standard with the strictest health and safety standards.


We set up the company to draw on our 45 years experience and to build on our sound reputation in delivering a comprehensive, professional and quality Principal Contract solution.

We provide a very personalised, dynamic and high quality multi trades service, to both new and existing clients, applying the same energy and rigour to each project, regardless of size or financial value. This gives us a high client retention rate.

Our experience is a marriage of project management, planning, estimating, interior finishes and customer service.

This gives us a unique understanding of the technical aspects, together with the aesthetic elements that create better and more productive environments. We manage projects from concept to completion.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to understand the nature of their businesses, as well as their specific and sometimes specialist needs.  Our approach is collaborative between the building occupiers and the project team to ensure a successful result and with the minimum of disruption.

We are known for our ‘solution’ based approach to all projects and a meticulous eye for detail. In fact we look at each project as if  we are the client and see what they see.  This minimises snagging lists and in some projects completely omits them.

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